Monday, October 13, 2008

TIMEOUT! If you don't know what the responsibilities of an office are, are you even allowed to run for it?!

While I try to stay open minded, and at least understand the argument of the other side even if I disagree with it (perhaps even more so if I strongly disagree with it), but this Sarah Palin video is quite disconcerting. Either she is serious and really does not know what the job duties of the Vice President are, in which case how can she argue she is a valid candidate if she does not know what she is saying she is capable of doing? Or she was just being cheeky which is highly disrespectful of the current Vice President, implying he does not do much (and this is a guy in her own party!), and that she is busier running Alaska than our VP and President are running our entire country.

My guess is a little of both- she probably had very little idea what the VP actually does and was just being snarky. My extreme concern boils down to her lack of knowledge of national politics- if she doesn't know what the VP does can she really hold that position? And if she has been so entrenched in Alaska politics for this tremendously long two years as Govenor, has she had any time (especially as she's being the perfect mom to her 5 kids), to study US history, world history, politics, economics, etc, and stay up to date with current events? If McCain were to win, would she sit down in a meeting with Kim Il-sung or Vladimir Putin and wink?

Now seriously, the woman who less than two months ago claimed she did not know what the Vice President did, is now a candidate for that very position, and if elected less than a month from now will have access to launch codes to nuclear weapons. This is not a movie.


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