Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to No Sheeping!

Welcome to the No Sheeping Blog! An idea long in the making, spurred on by the constant sheeping that can be seen every day in our country- en mass and small scale in ourselves.

I once read an article of a sheep herder who watched helplessly from below as one of his sheep fell off a cliff. Then the sheep next to the first one followed suit, doing as sheep do, and took the plunge as well. The shepherd watched in horror as more than 100 of his herd copied their fellow compatriots and hurtled off the ledge to their bloody death. It seems horrific… barbaric. You might wonder, as I did, why the sheep would commit suicide? Why would the shepherd not stop them… not save them?

But we must realize the sheep did not know the ground would vanish beneath their feet... they were just following the herd as they always do. The shepherd saw it happening from afar, flabergasted I'm sure. How do you stop an entire herd, more powerful than multiple MACK trucks as they move together as one.. minds made up and as simple as 'we're going this way!'.

People in groups are oftentimes similar to sheep. It’s easier not to fight, to be agreeable, to go with status-quo. Sometimes this is fine. If what you agree with is good, loving, and causes no harm- agree away! The key point being to think first before nodding your head, as opposed to looking around to make sure everyone else is nodding as your sole reason for bobbing your head too. Sometimes there are rights being denied in our society, wrongs being grossly perpetrated, atrocities being ignored, media and ads manipulating the thoughts and beliefs of our culture at large without discourse, or the herd seems to think that apathy is an acceptable option because an issue doesn't directly affect them (but I promise... if you live in this country.. the issues of America affect you- now, tomorrow, indirectly, or in-your-face harshly).

No Sheeping is born of the idea that we should all look around our lives, our communities, our country… and think about what is going on! We are a community of thinkers, compassionate and passionate, who do not follow the crowd blindly, who do not agree with everyone just to fit in, but rather question what is right. No Sheeping is a community of those searching for truth, rights for all, love of humanity, and independent thought.

We are all different people, and I guarantee we will not agree on every issue. This blog is a sister to the T-shirt site, allowing more of a forum for ideas and articles, and allowing me to give commentary on some of the ideas behind the T-shirts. I will not be offended if you do not agree with all of our NO SHEEPING ideas, articles, and shirts- in fact I applaud you for supporting the idea behind the brand enough to wear one whose message you support even though there may be one you don't agree with! This is the power of not being a sheep- free thought, open minds, and respect for each other!

So how do you change a herd? One new idea, one discussion, one thought… one person at a time.

With Love and Respect.


Allison October 14, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

So far, so good. I am impressed I like your style and I will be back. Looking forward to your next post. A friend from blog catalog

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