Friday, October 17, 2008

States of the Nation - Obama Ahead in the Polls

Just a few weeks before the election do you wonder where we stand? As of today, October 17th, reports that Obabma is ahead. They cite the following polling data: "Obama 352 McCain 171 Ties 15"... As of today, Democrats are ahead in the Presidential race, as well as taking control of more seats in the House and the Senate. If you would like to see a visual representation of which states are red, blue, tied, or leaning, check out their great tool!

America is craving change. We are facing many enormous problems, everything from the economic crisis to global warming, and we need a strong government that can lead us through these difficult times. Some may argue that John McCain is the better choice for President, but at this moment the data shows that Barak Obama is seen by more as the best choice.


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