Monday, November 8, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity!

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert recently held The Rally to Restore Sanity (and/ or Fear) on the Washington Mall. I love Jon Stewart so I was incredibly excited to watch the coverage! I think overall it was a success- the turn out was incredible which was heartening in a world with extremist media pundits always have some crisis or 'the world is ending' kind of story. I was a little disappointed with the silly entertainment and goofing around (ie doing the wave with the crowd). My favorite part was Jon Stewart's 'Moment of Sincerity'... speech at the end.

He made a lot of strong (and sane!) points including that we live in "hard times not end times", "if we amplify everything we hear nothing", and that we should use titles appropriately (ie using terms like 'terrorists' for all Muslims just increases fear and insecurity, in addition to being blatantly inaccurate).

Check out the full speech Here!

I also really enjoyed the signs that people brought! Check out
The 100 Best Signs on I didn't see it on this list, but one sign that made me laugh out loud said "Make awkward sexual advances not war!" Ha! :P

While I realize Jon and Steven are entertainers and not politicians, I think they had the stage to speak not only to the crowd but to the millions of viewers who would be watching live or seeing clips on the multitude of news networks. If they ever have a similar rally in the future I truly hope they take advantage of the stage and have more speeches! I'm all for keeping it fun and funny, but its easy to blow it off as ridiculous when the silliness is too over the top. Next year (or next rally whenever that may be) I sincerely hope they just give Jon the mic for an hour and have other speakers promoting sane thoughts in politics, media and our lives in general!


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